18th June 1994

23 years on and that date is seared in my mind as strongly as it has ever been. The worst day of my life. A day that irrevocably changed the lives of so many people like ripples forming in a pond. No – more like waves crashing around a huge boulder rammed into the once … More 18th June 1994

The Ninja

Stealthily he glides through the world hardly daring to allow his feet to touch the earth. His breath silent and shallow; the expansion and contraction of his ribcage barely perceptible. The Ninja inhabits a safe space in this dangerous world, one where he creates no waves, not even in the air particles around him; he … More The Ninja

The Phoenix

A tribute to Barb McAllister, my friend and guide. For seeing me; for inspiring me to emerge.     My work. My life. My journey. Resembled in the image indelibly etched onto my body. Facing pain, this time of my own choosing, physical pain that becomes beauty on my skin.   Taking control of my … More The Phoenix