What is Karma?

My initial, limited knowledge of the concept of Karma left me angry and resentful. The notion is often simplified to the idea that if bad things happen to me in this life it is due to the fact I have done bad things in a previous life. So if my father abused me when I … More What is Karma?

Migrating north – is authenticity the key to my energy?

As it warms up in south India I migrate northwards. Leaving the dizzy-making heat behind me, my body starts to recognise itself in the cooler climes; enjoying the cool nights, snuggling in a hoody and socks. I’m starting to feel the healthy impulses to carry out my small daily routines that were disrupted in the … More Migrating north – is authenticity the key to my energy?

Que Sera Sera

“Everyone should have a dream, but don’t force your dream onto your children. Not everyone will grow up to be engineers or doctors, allow your child to explore and find her own dream, to develop his own special gifts and talents. If you force your dream on your child by the time they are old … More Que Sera Sera

Rest not Responsibility

I’m diligent, responsible and can be counted on; I do what I’ve promised and have a strong internal accountability to the people and things I’ve taken responsibility for. What if this isn’t because I’m an all round amazing person? What if this is instead just my carefully cultivated survival instinct? I take huge amounts of … More Rest not Responsibility

How-to: Staying centred and true to yourself

  In my last blog I discussed my journey from an ‘antenna-out’ to an ‘antenna-in’ approach to life. When I was controlled by the ‘antenna-out’ approach I allowed the reactions and needs of others to decide how I behaved. Switching to the ‘antenna-in’ approach I stay centred to myself and make decisions based on me and my … More How-to: Staying centred and true to yourself