The Ninja

Stealthily he glides through the world hardly daring to allow his feet to touch the earth. His breath silent and shallow; the expansion and contraction of his ribcage barely perceptible. The Ninja inhabits a safe space in this dangerous world, one where he creates no waves, not even in the air particles around him; he stirs not the whisker on a cats nose as he goes by. With control and perfection he moves gently though life.

The Ninja crouches to explore the environment around him, his masculine beauty reflected in the setting sun on the wet sand; his muscular form reminds of a leopard stealing up on his prey. He sees the world through curious eyes, searching out new angles, tones and shapes; the mundane in the world comes to life in his gaze.

His dark features and chiseled jawline frame fluid blue eyes; quiet eyes that house a depth of softness, emotion and sadness. His time on Earth has been far from welcoming; born into a world where his mothers milk was poison, ripped from the heart of his home land to be sent away to cold and unforgiving foreign climes. Never settling, never allowing himself to get truly comfortable. Alone he walks the Earth, navigating by the safest way he knows.

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