My Beauty Reflected

“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic” ~ Frida Kahlo

He gazes upon my body, he sees right into my soul. In his eyes I can see he is looking at the most exquisite thing he has ever seen, something beautiful, magical; he is looking at me.

As the hours drift by I start to believe in the image he is mirroring, I see my beauty reflected in the smile on his face, hear my enchanting words in his ears as he listens, feel my sparkle of my soul in the depth of his eyes. His heart is wide open holding every part of me with a deep embrace, yet our bodies are not even touching.

Returning to the solitude of my room I look in the mirror, aghast I see once again the me I reflect to myself, I’m shocked by the contrast, now I feel ugly and critical of myself once again. Back in his company I see his view of me again, and wonder at how these two images can be so different. Gradually I understand the truth in the person he perceives, amazed someone can see that so truly in me.

My endeavour in this world is to learn to gaze upon myself with such love and tenderness, to embrace my beauty, to embrace everything that is unique and exquisite and know that all that belongs only to me.


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One thought on “My Beauty Reflected

  1. A compelling text which reflects on who the worst critic is, the scourge of living within a society which has rules and regulations on what is beatiful when beauty in itself is in all of us.


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