The Phoenix

A tribute to Barb McAllister, my friend and guide. For seeing me; for inspiring me to emerge.  


My work. My life. My journey. Resembled in the image indelibly etched onto my body.

Facing pain, this time of my own choosing, physical pain that becomes beauty on my skin.


Taking control of my body, sculpting afresh my outer appearance after my design.

This is but an echo on the outside of the world reigning within.


Facing pain, not of my own making, emotional pain that has become beauty in my soul.

Taking ownership of my inner wounds, they heal in beautiful unforeseen patterns on my heart.


The inner friction reaches such heat it burns, a fierce pain, an enormous blaze.

The fire calms and leaves me as ash, numb, subdued in darkness.

Out of the ash clarity, healing and strength arise.



“Rise from the smouldering ashes and usher in a new

dawn sky to fill with flights of endless possibilities”

~ Mark Hopkins


Tattoo by Sue Hawkins, Battle, East Sussex,UK.

Unfinished, in progress, just like my journey.




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