Que Sera Sera

“Everyone should have a dream, but don’t force your dream onto your children. Not everyone will grow up to be engineers or doctors, allow your child to explore and find her own dream, to develop his own special gifts and talents. If you force your dream on your child by the time they are old … More Que Sera Sera

Rest not Responsibility

I’m diligent, responsible and can be counted on; I do what I’ve promised and have a strong internal accountability to the people and things I’ve taken responsibility for. What if this isn’t because I’m an all round amazing person? What if this is instead just my carefully cultivated survival instinct? I take huge amounts of … More Rest not Responsibility

The Phoenix

A tribute to Barb McAllister, my friend and guide. For seeing me; for inspiring me to emerge.     My work. My life. My journey. Resembled in the image indelibly etched onto my body. Facing pain, this time of my own choosing, physical pain that becomes beauty on my skin.   Taking control of my … More The Phoenix