Ode to Autumn and Friends

The trees welcome the autumn winds and allow themselves to be undressed, gently at first, until the wild wind tears at the remaining blades. Their roots hold firm during the cold winter months while the boughs sleep under a quilt of snow. Spring follows winter whether it is wanted or not, sparking the world into a life of colour.

The moon pirouettes gracefully, waining until darkness prevails, gradually the light returns and finally it can shine fully once again. The moon with its changeable nature capable of manipulating the huge ocean waters.

The cyclical rhythms of the sun, the moon and the planets; kindling, arousing and igniting one moment, then calming and sedating in the next; creating the natural rhythms and beats that nature lives by. Rising with the sun, menstruating with the moon, hibernating with the winter. The world is designed in a dynamic cyclical state of ebb and flow, exertion and rejuvenation. Humans are inseparably a part of that changeable rhythm yet human kind has indeed attempted to and succeeded in many ways to separate itself from it. But at what cost?

We resist the cycles of the day by staying up too late with artificial lighting, drinking large doses of coffee to keep us awake, dimming our senses with alcohol to calm down, rushing from morning to late with no time for rest.

The seasons change but we endeavour to counter their effects, warming and lighting our environment in the winter, artificially cooling when it’s too hot. We take long, lazy holidays when the suns energy is there to invigorate, just to accelerate into the winter months, buckle down and get as much done as possible, when the season is trying to tell us to let go, rest and rejuvenate.

Women power though their monthly cycles trying to conform to societal expectations of consistency from every day. Champing artificial hormones to flatten out the rise and fall of the natural cycle.

Attuning to the pulse of nature we are provided with all we need. The natural times of the day, seasons and months to provide both energy and rest. The beauty in letting go, allowing the dark phases, hibernation. These are the phases society seems terrified of. It is only in these times that there is a chance to regroup, grow roots, germinate and be ready for the next stage of growth.


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